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Clan Goliath Scorpion

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The Scorpion Chronicles

These Chronicles bring us to current history!

A History

"As 15 years of truce draw to a close, we are poised to strike at the very heart of the Inner Sphere with all the might of the Clans. True to the vision of Kerensky, we have prepared long and hard for this epic attack. While the Jade Falcon utters its piercing cry, the Wolf lifts its head to howl its challenge and the Ghost Bear rears up and roars its awesome power, we Goliath Scorpions shall make our way silently, relentlessly, with neither fanfare nor warning, to strike at the hearts of our foes and cripple them with our might."

Khan Chiad Gray
Clan Goliath Scorpion
18 August 3068

The sand dunes seem to stretch away to the farthest horizon. Heat shimmers distort one's vision and the baking sand only serves to heighten the awesome hammer of the distant sun against the anvil of the Strana Mechty desert. Here in these wastelands few creatures thrive. Only the hardiest and craftiest of animals could survive in this hell.

Yet it is here that the goliath scorpion, our namesake, makes its home. Here it not only survives but thrives and grows strong. Recall that it is in extremest adversity that we grow in strength. It is hardly seen, never heard, as it skitters across the endless dunes. Poisoned tail poised to strike, it awaits its prey with exaggerated patience. Soon, it becomes one with its sorroundings. It slowly disappears into the sands of its home. A wayward bobcat pads across the sands. It lifts its head and sniffs the air. The oppressive heat has leeched the air of any smell. The bobcat continues, unaware, unrealizing, uneasy.

With no warning whatsoever, the sand erupts in a mini-tornado of fury and power. The bobcat rears back, poised to strike, but it is too late. Too late, it begins to shudder and shake with the awesome power of the scorpion's sting. Within a matter of seconds, it lies dead on the sands of the desert. Thus does the goliath scorpion take its prey. Thus shall we destroy our foes. Silently. Skillfully. Mercilessly.

Ritual Words spoken by the Clan Loremaster
at the Beginning of The Ritual of the Sands


The goliath scorpion is an arthropod native to the planet Babylon where the Clans first settled before finding Strana Mechty. It was on this planet that many settlers perished at the merciless stings of the scorpions native to the planet. Nevertheless, Nicholas Kerensky admired these killers for their suicidal defense of their nests. A goliath scorpion whose nest is threatened will do anything to destroy the threat, even if it dies in the attempt. The venom of the scorpion is so strong that one sting will paralyze a fully grown bobcat. Succeeding stings will cause cardiac arrest and subsequent death.

When Clan Goliath Scorpion was first created by the great Nicholas Kerensky, the Clan was weak among the others. It was not as large in numbers nor was it accorded a place of honor as great as those given to Clans Wolf, Jade Falcon, Ghost Bear, and others. Nevertheless, Clan Goliath Scorpion warriors held their heads high for they knew their destiny was to be among the best of the Clans. The First Khan, Crispino Reyes, spent an entire week in the Strana Mechty desert communing with the spirit of the goliath scorpion. Upon his return, he led a trinary of Clan Goliath Scorpion mechs in a daring Trial of Possession over a single planet. Arrayed against them was the full might of two full clusters of front-line assault mechs. Khan Reyes' 43rd Scorpion Cavaliers counted among their number 4 Grizzlies, 5 Summoners, 5 Hellbringers, and one Kodiak, piloted by Khan Reyes himself. In the ensuing battle, our opponents were utterly annihilated. Our Clan lost all our mechs except one lone Kodiak. Thus did we win our homeworld.

As the years passed, the Clan grew in strength and numbers. Although it never had the sheer power and numbers of their fellow Clans, they were nevertheless accorded respect due to the unorthodox tactics and strategies employed by their leaders. You see, Clan Goliath Scorpion was known, among other things, as having elevated the ambush tactic to the level of an art form. No other Clan could claim the greatest success in an ambush than Clan Goliath Scorpion. The Scorpion's Sting was known to strike swiftly and without warning. The results were usually fatal.

Clan Goliath Scorpion warriors are trained to expect the unexpected and to use unorthodox methods to achieve their goals. Creative tactics and cooperative maneuvers are encouraged rather than discouraged. Soon, Clan Goliath Scorpion became one of the most powerful Clans poised to invade the Inner Sphere for the honor of retaking Terra and establishing a new Star League, true to General Kerensky's vision. Clan Goliath Scorpion was, however, defeated in the Trial of Position for the invasion of the Inner Sphere. Its ferocity in battle guaranteed it a place in the third wave of the Clan invasion. Unfortunately, that time never came.

Upon entry of the second wave, the historic Battle of Tukkayyid took place and a truce of 15 years was imposed on all the Clans. Our warriors chafed but we respected the skills of our Inner Sphere counterparts. Honor dictated that we respect the treaty as agreed upon by ilKhan Ulric Kerensky in his capacity as Khan of Khans. Subsequent events have not changed this view; rather, it has changed the way Clan Goliath Scorpion warriors think. Although we were Crusaders prior to the invasion, we have realized the error of our ways. The Refusal War between Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon has taught us that the Warden Way is the true Clan Way. The vision of Nicholas Kerensky is best served by the Wardens who seek to protect and nurture the Inner Sphere until they can take their rightful place as our equals.

September 3069
With the emergence of a new Khan, the Scorpions are once again moving to the forefront of the Warden Clans. New technologies will help in rebuilding the base structurs and training of warriors for battles in the Inner Sphere. The new VTOL technology utilized by saKhan Ne0hippy has proven more than an equalizing force in many battles. Our current status is still to produce more skilled pilots that will be able to master  the equipment assigned to them so in battle they are prepared for the numerous fights they will be involved in against superior numbers and technologies. However, the visions induced by the Venom of the Goliath Scorpion will level many playing fields, since it allows a forwarning of mistakes that could be made in battle! Currently, Khan AttackMode is seeking to complete the dreaded Scorpion Sting Star that is mentioned below, and he desperately seeks the pilots to step up to the challenges and pressure of these positions!

The Scorpion's Sting

The Scorpion's Sting is the name of the command star which numbers the top 4 warriors of the Clan: The Kahn, the saKahn, Galaxy Commander, and the CID (Commander, Intelligence Division). The Star was formed upon the creation of the Clan and has been the measure by which all other stars are tested. In its glorious history, the Scorpion's Sting has fought against incredible odds to achieve victory. True to the Clan tradition, the warriors of the Sting are excellent desert warriors and experts at combat in hazardous venues. The warriors of the Sting are usually the ones leading the assault for the Clan and they are usually the ones who deal the most damage.

The Scorpion's Sting has had its share of heroic actions, not least of which was their role in the War of 3025 when, alone and bereft of ammunition, the Star, commanded by then-Khan Mikel Pua, managed to hold 5 Stars of enemy mechs to a standstill in the middle of enemy territory for 3 days. Continuous assaults by the enemy only resulted in massive destruction by the Sting. Finally, after 3 days of combat, reinforcements arrived to turn the tide of battle. Although the Clan is known for ambush, this tactic is not one for which the Sting is known for. Their massive battlemechs are not suited for such an action. Nevertheless, they are feared among all the Clans as one of the best assault Stars in the universe.

1st BATTLE GROUP: 78th Assault Trinary

The 78th Assault Trinary is the front-line assault trinary for which the Clan is widely feared. Among their numbers are some of the finest warriors ever produced by the Clan's breeding program. The Trinary consists of the 23rd Scorpion Fusiliers (Venom's Vengeance), the 92nd Scorpion Dragoons (The Ghost Scorpions), and the 106th Scorpion Chevaliers (The Black Scorpions).

23rd Scorpion Fusiliers (Venom's Vengeance)

The 23rd Scorpion Fusiliers is not a Star, per se. After all, it consists of only 2 officers: The Claw Commander and his First Officer. Nevertheless, these two mechwarriors serve as the leaders of the entire battle group. In the chain of command, the individual Stars of the Trinary report to them and they, in turn, report directly to the Scorpion's Sting.

92nd Scorpion Dragoons (The Ghost Scorpions)

The 92nd has had a most interesting lineage. Originally a recon unit, they were forced to use heavy mechs in a major conflict with another Clan. Unable to entirely shake off their recon training, the 92nd utilized sneak tactics and guerilla warfare to effectively beat their opponents into submission. For their hit-and-fade tactics and their ability to disappear seemingly at will, they were christened the Ghost Scorpions.

106th Scorpion Chevaliers (The Black Scorpions)

It was during the 15 years of truce that the current Black Scorpion Star was born. The warriors of the 3rd Star distinguished themselves as excellent night-fighters and would pilot mechs painted a dull matte black which blended well with the darkness of night. In several skirmishes with rival Clans, the 3rd Star earned honors as being one of the Stars with the highest kill ratios. Even in daylight, the 3rd Star's mechs looked like demons in search of human prey. Their dull black armor seemed to absorb the light and when they neared the enemy, they would seem like a dark wave threatening to engulf all who stood in their way.

2nd BATTLE GROUP: 246th Striker Trinary

The 246th is mainly the support unit for the 78th Assault. Numbering mostly medium and heavy mechs, they are more mobile and can perform tasks which the battlemechs of the assault trinary cannot do. They are usually the hammer which catches enemies against the anvil of the 78th. The Trinary consists of the 56th Scorpion Strikers (The Hammer), the 137th Scorpion Pincers (The Nutcrackers), and the 24th Scorpion Guards (The Sentinels).

56th Scorpion Strikers (The Hammer)

As with the 23rd Fusiliers, the 56th Strikers consist of only 2 officers. These officers coordinate the strategy and tactics for the entire Trinary. They are called the hammer because they are the powerful force behind the crushing might of the 246th.

137th Scorpion Pincers (The Nutcrackers)

One never knows what to expect from the 137th. The Nutcrackers are hard-hitting mechwarriors who simply refuse to give up even in the face of insurmountable odds. This Star has had a glorious history of amazing mech tactics and piloting skill. However, their penchant for ignoring commands from officers has landed them in trouble more often than not. Nevertheless, they are loyal to a fault and when your back is against a wall, you would want the Nutcrackers by your side every step of the way.

24th Scorpion Guards (The Sentinels)

The 24th is not generally known for glorious engagements or fantastic victories. They are the embodiment of the Goliath Scorpion spirit, moving silently but relentlessly, striking without warning and leaving their mark wherever they go. They have been known to sacrifice their personal honor for the greater glory of the Clan. Their primary goal is to safeguard the honor of the Clan even at the expense of their own. The Clan is of utmost importance to them. On the field of battle, they frequently appear just when the situation is most desperate to turn the tide of battle. Their battlefield prowess is unquestioned and their loyalty is unwavering.

3rd BATTLE GROUP: 57th Venom Binary

The 57th Venom counts some of the wiliest and dirtiest mechwarriors in the Clans. They are sneaky, underhanded, agile, quick-thinking, independent, and highly effective. They are the storm troopers of the Clan and will do almost anything to get the job done. They are an elite unit specializing in counterintelligence and dark ops missions. Recon is their forte and they lord it over the other Stars' heavier mechs with their fast and agile mechs. Included herein are the 1st Venom Strikers (The Shadows) and the 37th Venom Whiplashes (The Darkmen).

1st Venom Strikers (The Shadows)

The 1st Strikers epitomize the power of one. This unit consists of one and only one mechwarrior, the Venom Commander. He commands all operations of the 57th and reports directly to the CID. He is called upon for unusual and highly sensitive missions for the greater glory of the Clan.

37th Venom Whiplashes (The Darkmen)

The 37th Whiplashes are the Clan's shock troops. Willing to do almost anything, they are the ones who are given dark ops missions which would compromise the security of the Clan. They are the Darkmen because they are rarely seen, never heard. Even outside their battlemechs, they are deadly killers.

Khan AttackMode